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Nieuwendammerdijk 532-C5 (office address, no shopping address)
1023 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam nr. 34277312
VAT NL001604782B44

Frequently Asked Questions and contact

Do you have the products on stock?

As long as you can add the wanted amount of an article in the shopbasket the item is on stock. If there is not enough stock you will get a message saying so.

Do you provide an Intracomm. invoice for businesses within the EU?

Yes we do but you have to tick the box "Exemption from VAT" and add your VAT number during the ordering process.

Do you ship outside the Netherlands?

Yes, we ship orders to everyone within the European Union. We also ship to the United States, Swiss, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. See for more details about P&P costs the "Ordering and payment" page.

How much does it cost to ship to my country?

The costs of shipping is calculated by weight and destination and is the same for the whole EU. The cost for P&P are between € 3,99 and € 15,99 depending on weight and volume of your order. Shipping to United States, Swiss, Canada, New Zealand and Australia depends on weight. Actual shipping costs are calculated during the checkout procedure. You can decide to finalize your order, or not, during the last step (step 4) in the ordering proces. In this way you can check the actual costs first before you decide to go through with your order. For more information about shipping costs and delivery times see our "Ordering & Payment" page.

Where is my order, has it been shipped?  or  My order shipped internationally, and its been more than 4-6 days, where is it?

When shipping international (EU), the post office quotes a certain number of days (say, 3-5) for delivery but that is only the number of days on average. Shipping to United States, Swiss, Canada, New Zealand and Australia takes about 6-8 working day's, most of the times. Sometimes it takes a few days more.
Another reason could be that the transfer of your payment did not come through right away. Bank transfers within the EU sometimes take 2-3 days to arrive. This depends on the bank you do business with. Paying through Paypal is instantly (most of the time) and we will ship your order out within a day.